About me

Hello and welcome to my homepage. My name is Moushegh Nazaretyan. May years ago I started as Linux administrator in Internet service provider. Since than I do Linux Operations. By time, wor kstyle and toolset have been changing a lot.

currently in my favor are:

- ansible, puppet 
- terraform 
- lxe, docker containers, KVM and ESXi
- Debian/RHEL , CoreOS and DCOS

mostly enjoying working with

- aws 
- digital ocean
- vmware esxi

daily maintaining

- nginx, apache
- mysql, mariadb, monodb, couchDB
- redis, memcached
- jenkins, GoCD
- nagios, munin, grafite, ELK 
- HAProxy, keepalived, lvs
- etc ...

having a look but never carred production

- openstack
- kubernetes 
- always something new from github :)
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