how to reset password on Linksys WRT54GL running OpenWRT

post is mainly for people who just find out that cant remember the root password from OpenWRT operation system thats running on their Linksys WRT54GL.

what you need to do :)?

  1. configure your static IP address on your ehternet to netmask , we dont need a gateway and dns servers,

  2. connect Linksys LAN port N1 to your machine,

  3. restart Linksys, and wait till DMZ light will become green. after it push the EasyConnect button (or reset button it doesn’t meter)

  4. now your Linksys openWRT is runing in file_safe mode, you can telnet to it via ( for telnet i’m recomending to use PuTTY (just google for it))

  5. when youre inside , type mount_root, system will remount JFFS from RO to RW.

  6.  now you can east type PASSWD and change root password.

hope this post helps you :)

i made same for one of my routers .. works perfect.


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