itunes error -50 on sync

heya :)few days ago got the issue with SYNC my iPhone with itunes on windows7,

from 4 steps of sync its stops on 3 one and told me that there is error -50

after searching a lot on brave apple how to and speaking with customer care i understend that even they cant tell anything regarding this issue.

and i start testings.

main issue was on picture sync. after searching and reading blogs, i find out that iphone/ipad/ipod is not syncing your images but making some CACHE of them and syncing cached files only. and if there is a issue with broken cache file you will always get error on some stage of sync.

problem resolution was quite simple –  just delete the “iPod Photo Cache” directory.

just need to remember to find it in directory of sync.

after connecting device again it will rebuild your image db, and sync will be fine.


btw – apple recomends to

  1. reinstall iTunes.

  2. uninstall antivirus

  3. uninstall all unnessary programs.

  4. 10000 time restart machine

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